What is an insulated construction 

Imagine a completely insulated building, as if it were covered with a jacket that protects it in winter and summer. It's nice inside, because you evacuate heat and keep it occupied. If, in addition, the weather is sunny, it's even better, and you don't need to heat. More informations : http://www.saintpreuximmo.com/en/ .Nevertheless, it is imperative to prevent the sun from entering in summer, in order to avoid overheating. The idea of a passive building is the heat released inside the building (living things, electrical appliances) and that provided from the outside (sunlight) are sufficient to meet heating needs. An active building that does not lose internal heat does not need heating to remain pleasant to live in. In a traditional building, heating is used to compensate for heat loss.

Building a passive house

The construction of a passive house costs between 15 and 25% more than that of a conventional house (thermal analysis, reinforced insulation, special carpentry, equipment adapted to heat recovery, etc.), but its structural system and equipment significantly reduce energy consumption and this reason has led to long-term expenses. As a result, the initial cost, although higher, is less expensive over time. To find a property for sale, contact professionals .In addition, the passive house is ahead of thermal regulations. Since its heritage value is higher than that of the same regulatory home, your home will be easier to resell.

The energy house

There is an energy house, as its name suggests, a house that generates more than it consumes. In practice, this means that it can produce its own energy itself in order to cover both the main energy costs of its occupants (heating and hot water, auxiliaries - ventilation for example - and lighting) and those created by households. In the case of positive energy homes, we are not talking strictly about the energy efficiency to be "achieved", but rather the costs to be paid.

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